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We respect our clients privacy and anonymity.  Therefore, we will not be referring to any cases which have not been reported in the media, or those which involve allegations of a sexual nature. 


- Operation Theemin : Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice :

Case involving the UK’s first ever conviction for Bribery of a Court Official. Successfully defended the ONLY driver that was acquitted in this massive case.

- R v A and others: Conspiracy to commit Benefit Fraud, Snaresbrook :
4 handed complex fraud taking place over 13 years, value over £4 million. Successfully managed to keep the main defendants out of prison, after guilty pleas were entered to this massive fraud.

- R v S: Conspiracy to commit Fraud, Croydon :

A massive fraud involving over 15 defendants, and the UKBA, HMRC, Social Services, value over £5m. Successfully defended one of only 2 defendants acquitted.

- R v L: Conspiracy to commit Fraud, Chelmsford :

In what was described by the Trial Judge, as ‘the largest car ringing operation in the UK’.

- R v A: Conspiracy to commit Fraud, Old Bailey :

One of a group of Nigerians accused of a complex online fraud that was heavily reported in the media, and dubbed ‘the multi million pound Harrods Fraud’.


- R v A:
Partial decapitation of the victim, in a brutal drug related killing caught on CCTV.

- R v RA:
A quadruple murder by a taxi driver, who was caught after an International man hunt. He killed his wife and three children, as part of an ‘Honour Killing’.

Our lawyer appeared in a later Panorama documentary on the murder, and other Honour Killings.

- R v J:
Infamous gangland murder, where the body of the victim was later found buried in the wreckage of a burning car, having been dug up, from a shallow grave.

- R v J:
After a nightclub shooting, J was charged, after fragments of a bullet were removed from the brain of the victim, and found to have the fingerprints of J on them. Despite this supposedly damning evidence, J was acquitted.


- R v A:
Widely reported case of a young woman who allegedly used Twitter to glorify ISIS and Terrorism.

- R v MA:
Widely reported case involving the killing in Woolwich of a Fusilier from the British Army. Our lawyer was instructed by the family of one of the accused just after he was allegedly beaten by prison officer, resulting in the loss of teeth.

- R v S:
A man travelling to Syria was stopped at Gatwick, after an intelligence led investigation. He was found to be in possession of various ‘prohibited’ items.


R v S: Death by Dangerous Driving.
An A-list celebrity had just left a high society party, and crashed his car, killing the passenger. Found Not Guilty after trial.

R v D : Possession of an Offensive Weapon.
An A-list Rap artist, was touring the UK, and found to be in possession of prohibited weapons. Successfully managed to prevent the case from going to trial.